You Know It Is

It's not a test nor a trick of the mind.

As some of you may already be aware, a month ago today my Dad died at the far too young age of fifty-nine.

The days since then already feel like a lifetime, I can hardly believe it is five weeks since we last spoke and kissed goodbye. To all my extended family and friends who have supported me and my family during this time, thank you for being there and reaching out. I love you, and I know I’ll need you still during the weeks and months to come.

In looking back at our time together that is what I felt I had to say. These are the words I spoke at his funeral; they don’t follow the rules of writing very well, and they won’t win any awards, but they’re the story of us, and the things that I remember.


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Harry watches the screen when Louis starts his part then Louis looks up at the screen and sings his last lines very passionately. 20/06/14

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celebrities should be allowed to tweet ‘just wanna be left alone today, okay guys?’ and then they should be able to go out to the pools or shopping or just out for coffee and a movie with their friends/family without being swamped, but SOME days they should tweet ‘CATCH ME IF U CAN’ and its just like hey where the fuck is johnny depp or niall horan or brad pitt free autographs to those who find them. i think its a good idea obama sign it into law

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harrys's sheer randomness ie worth the ticket price alone i promise you omg lmfao accurate stutters noooooo